One Blogger’s Confession

I’ve gotten very irregular about this blogging business, haven’t I? It isn’t that I’ve lost interest. The keyboard calls daily. I’d like to say there just hasn’t been time, but that would mostly be a lie—and I’d prefer to not fib tonight.

The truth is that I’ve become vain about writing, all bound up in a web of ridiculous restrictions and expectations that I’ve been too embarrassed to acknowledge—even to myself.

If it isn’t smart or well-informed, the intellectually-bent will dismiss me as a sentimental fluff writer. If, however, it’s not infused with deep feeling and profound self-awareness, those seeking a moving devotional experience will come away unmet and dissatisfied.  And if the piece doesn’t include a charming anecdote or profusions of delightful wit, everyone will be bored to death.

That’s a tall order. So, I’ve opted for the obvious solution: write nothing.

Holy cow—do I always have to take myself so flippin’ seriously?! And for all the wrong reasons? Clearly, these silly and rather arrogant fears have crippled and blinded me.

I love writing! I love that I can use it to offer myself to God and to connect with folks in my family, in my church, and all over the world!

In order to be surrendered to God,  it is necessary to hold many things very lightly. I think I’ve had a death grip on my image. I’d like to be done with that nonsense now. It’s time for this blog to get back to it’s roots.

I seek. I strive. I struggle. I falter. I learn. I overcome.  I walk with God. I write. I share.

If it’s brilliant and engaging, wonderful! If it’s obvious and juvenile, that’s where I’m at. If it’s motivating and encouraging, that is my hope. If it’s wrong, tell me.

So, right now the goal is at least one post per week—inspiring or dull, for better or for worse.

Thanks for joining me on the journey.



8 thoughts on “One Blogger’s Confession”

  1. from another blogger who has got irregular but loves writing …. maybe there are ‘seasons of blogging’ and that includes a fallow period. But from a fallow period can come renewed life. PS I’ve never been bored by one of your posts!

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