Join me on the quest for identity?

Blue Eye

God has been teaching me a lot about identity this last year or two—about who I am and what makes me valuable. In recent months, I’ve had opportunities to share some of these new insights with  groups of women—and have received subsequent requests for notes or a recording. Apparently, I am not the only one who struggles with this.

Since my notes are discernible to no one but me, and I am unable to provide a recording, I decided to make it available as a blog series. If you are a regular reader, you will likely have heard bits and pieces of the process, but probably not most of it. You have my permission to skim…

We are all born with a broken identity. To one degree or another, we all feel it. It doesn’t matter if we would generally be described as confident or insecure—everyone of us longs to be assured of our own value and to have it recognized by others. We want to define who we are and what makes us worthwhile. Some feel it more keenly and more often than others, but every honest person must admit that self-validation is a recurring motive for what we do in life and how we approach relationships.

This quest for identity is universal to mankind, but it does take different forms according to gender, personality, background, and circumstances. In this series, my personal story will serve as the backdrop for the discoveries I have made along the way. Some of the struggles along my path are very specific and may not be applicable to a wider audience, but I am confident that at least the general principles will strike a chord in most hearts.

I am still very much learning. I catch myself (all too often) grasping for validation from inadequate and unstable sources. I welcome your feedback and insights. Will you join me on this journey?


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