There’s something I’d like to ask you…

It’s Friday and the sun is shining! I don’t know what the weather is like where you are, but from my vantage point, it seems like it would be a shame for any of us to spend much time in front of the computer this morning.  So, I thought I’d ask you to complete a simple thought for me. Just for fun—and to satisfy my curiosity. Here it is:

Some of my favorite memories involve __________________.

I’ll go first: bottled Starbucks Frappuccinos, long car drives, and sarcasm.

Now it’s your turn. It can be one word,  a phrase, or a couple of paragraphs. And please don’t stress about it—this does not have to be comprehensive or profound. I just want to hear some of the things that make up your fondest memories—and I’d like to hear from as many as possible.



11 thoughts on “There’s something I’d like to ask you…”

  1. …watching my parents laugh so hard they can barely speak and watching my children laugh so hard they almost pee their pants.

  2. sleepovers, changing the meaning of inside jokes, skittles, car rides, Mari-Linn, note passing, tagalong stories, “The Giant Book of Crap”, malls, hangman, PKs, pjs, and cleaning

  3. The times I spent in Middle School with my best friends where I didn’t have to worry about health issues and I could just focus on listening to music. One of my favorite memories is the first time I defeated Super Mario Brothers, you know what I was listening to – Make it happen by Mariah Carey – “If you believe in the Lord with all your might and all your soul He’s gonna make it happen.” I was no where near saved then, but God had already planted a seed in me. I must have listened to that song over and over and over again about over a hundred times and I was listening to that song when I defeated the dragon. Coincidence? I forgot if I was Mario or Luigi when I did that, but it felt great. Video games were much better those days.

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