Does God Masquerade as a Deist?

The whole family has been sick. My sons and two visiting nephews have been braving fevers, coughs, and sore throats for the past several days. My husband is suffering from miserable cold symptoms as well. I too have been fighting off something…but it never gets bad. It’s like I have the same bug as everyone else, but my symptoms never get past a little fatigue and some extra stuffing in my head. I can’t help but wonder…is the difference in my immuno-response coincidence or is it some special Mom-grace to help me take care of everyone else better? There’s really no way to know.

That leads to the tongue-in-cheek title question. Does God masquerade as a deist? (Deism is here defined as the belief that God created the universe and then ceased to be active in it.)

Sure—God does great, big, showy miracles when it suits his purposes for everyone to see and notice. But how much is he doing that looks like what a deist believes? How much of his very active involvement is imperceptible to even the most discerning eye, leading us to the conclusion that he’s doing nothing at all?

With his intimate knowledge of the minutest detail of creation, he could determine the course of a war with a teensy tweak in a weather pattern years prior to the conflict. He could save the livelihood of an entire nation by doing something ‘creative’ with the single egg of a destructive pest. He could be intervening and manipulating things at a micro-level in ways that we would never detect, with a frequency we would never suspect.

It fits the bill. Jesus performed miracles out of compassion, but he certainly didn’t always want everyone to know about it. People often responded to that sort of thing with greedy and shallow motives. It didn’t cast them in a very impressive light and it complicated his mission.

So, when we feel like we haven’t seen God or heard from him in a while we might consider what we’re looking for. Are we after him or are we in miracle chasing mode? He is there. What appears to be God’s laws of nature running their course, coincidences, or chance circumstances might just be more than meets the eye.  Ya never know. And you won’t—if God is, indeed, ‘masquerading as a deist.’


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