Introverts in the Church

I just learned of a book called Introverts in the Church by Adam S. McHugh. The title alone makes me feel like I need this book, but I came across an article by the author that further piqued my interest. In The Introvert Brand McHugh offers a humorous look at life after the book and how people have responded to his self-proclaimed introversion. You can find it here. I definitely recommend it. Of course, wit from a fellow introvert would be my cup of tea.  🙂

In addition, if you are at all interested in the book, you can find a review here at Internet Monk.


2 thoughts on “Introverts in the Church”

  1. My pastor is an introvert like me. I have enjoyed seeing how she manages to preach and build relationships with us. Unfortunately, she does need time alone to recoup when we have heated meetings and fails to intervene at times when we get overly aggressive in our words. If I become a pastor, I will need to work on this issue too. Watching my pastor makes me think that it is possible to be a pastor and an introvert at the same time.

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