Changing my name: The Results

Well, the results are in and I have decided to respect the opinions of the readers. If you select the “view results” option at the bottom left corner of the poll, you can see how the voting turned out.

It was interesting to discover that my readers are not a group that is terribly keen on change. An overwhelming majority voted to retain the current url of Treasure Contained, which will now also be the official name of the blog. One particularly stubborn voter even chose the “other” option on the poll and asserted their preference for the old name In A Clay Pot—even though I had clearly communicated my dislike for it.  (I don’t know who you are, but I have some guesses…)

So thanks…and congratulations!—The poll not only helped me decide the name change, but also revealed that (for the most part) you are a steady and faithful lot, keeping me on the right track.  🙂

Left to my own devices, I probably would have picked something obscure, nerdy, and writer-ish that was a hassle to remember and meaningful only to myself.

So, the new (and permanent) address for the Treasure Contained blog will be I’m having some technical difficulties with my site redirect and I’m not tech savvy so for now you will be redirected to the old url even if you use the new address. I hope to have that resolved soon—any ideas? Not to worry though—the content is updated at the old domain as well. You may want to update the blog name, though, if you have linked to me or if I am on your blogroll.

You may notice that I also changed my theme. I think this will be permanent as well…unless I get really serious some year and decide to self-host. The new theme is very versatile and should accommodate all my blogging desires. I’m still learning how it works and playing with it a bit so you’ll probably notice some tweaking and customizing here and there, but nothing major.

Thanks so much for your support and for making blogging such a fun and interesting venture for me. I love all of your input and I’m looking forward to more great discussions in the months and years to come.


4 thoughts on “Changing my name: The Results”

  1. “Left to my own devices, I probably would have picked something obscure, nerdy, and writer-ish that was a hassle to remember and meaningful only to myself.”

    I think my vote in your poll would have fit this description, lol. Nothing wrong with being white and nerdy; we even have a theme song!

      1. I can’t say that I agree with you there.

        My students always remind me that I’m such a nerd, but I think they love me for it. Thank you God for making me the way that I am, I think.

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