I’m changing my name

This morning our three-year-old (Soren) informed us that he would no longer be answering to his name. From here on out he expects to be addressed as Soren The Brother. His elder brother refused, but I don’t mind playing along for a little while.

Maybe that’s because I can empathize. I have also been considering a name change—for the blog.

After an eight month trial run on this blogging thing, I have decided to stick around. And to celebrate I will be purchasing the blog its very own domain! That means I can ditch the wordpress.com on my url and have a little more flexibility in customizing my site.

I also intend to correct one of my newbie blogger mistakes—choosing one name for my web address and another for my blog. It’s just kinda confusing. So now my task is to come up with a common name for the blog and the domain that is at least loosely representative of the content—reflections on Christian living and Biblical observations (and a little word mongering now and again).

I chose In A Clay Pot for the name of the blog simply because I had to choose something in order to get started. While I like the concept behind it (2 Cor 4:7  But we have this treasure in earthen vessels…), the name has always felt a tad cheesy to me. I think I’m kicking that one to the curb.

Below, I have listed a few possibilities I came up with today.

Treasure Contained (From the same passage as the Clay Pot idea. The benefit of this one is that the url wouldn’t change much)

Earnest Expectation (From Philippians 1:20 …according to my earnest expectation and hope, that I will not be put to shame in anything, but that with all boldness, Christ will even now, as always, be exalted in my body, whether by life or by death.)

Apokaradokia (The Greek for ‘earnest expectation’. I like it, but it might be difficult to remember…)

Word or Deed (From Col 3:17  Whatever you do in word or deed, do all in the name of the Lord Jesus…)

Crystal Rodli (Easy for folks to remember, but the idea of calling my website crystalrodli.com makes me feel kinda sheepish or something…)

I’m finding this a difficult decision. It feels so permanent—sort of like naming a child…only not as fun.

I’m sure that right now you’re asking yourself how you can help. I anticipated that, so I’ve included a poll with some of my ideas on it. Please take a minute to vote for one of those or offer a different suggestion. You’ll feel good about not making me go through this process alone, and I’ll get to test out the poll feature on my blog. Win—win, right?

I’ll be announcing the results and the new name in a week or two!


8 thoughts on “I’m changing my name”

  1. A rose by any other name……
    Well I’m glad you’re sticking around; we will too, whatever you call it!
    Of the options I go for Treasure Contained. But I wouldn’t listen to me if I were you!

  2. Apokaradokia is interesting, lots of non-English blog titles out there. I like the using your name idea, but maybe you could try a combo like Crystal Contained, Rodli’s Reflections, etc. On the Word or Deed I might flip it to Word and Deed or Words and Deeds. I just did a quick search and there are two different websites, one a blog, called Word and Deed. You might Google the names you are considering if you want something unique, Apokaradokia is not used, for example.

    And finally, I just looked up the vulgate (Latin) for your Apokaradokia idea, the same thing I did with my blog. Expectatio is the root word for that phrase and is not taken by another blog that I can find. Here are other grammatical constructions of the word:


    1. Thanks Nathan. Very helpful and creative! I like the idea of the Latin for expectation a lot. It’s unique, but no so far removed from English that it’s completely unfamiliar.

      Although…Apokaradokia is one of my favorite Greek words in the NT, and expectation doesn’t really do the whole word picture justice.

      We shall see…

      1. If you actually have an attachment to that word, then I think it makes a great blog title. Sometimes I feel like I remember a blog better if I can’t pronounce it, but remember vaguely how it’s spelled. It seems like catchy blog titles are the norm, and so the ones in other languages are easier to remember because they stand out. Also, here is one other suggestion to consider:

        Apokaradokia – Earnest Expectation

        You can use http://www.apokaradokia.com for the URL, and put in the English by-line that you prefer afterwards. You can use a blog theme that supports this. A good example is this one:


  3. I thought In A Clay Pot was fine, but I also like Earnest Expectation. And I’m so happy to hear that you’re going to stick with this!

    1. Mom –
      You always were supportive that way–I seem to remember that I looked ‘fine’ in nerdy outfits when I was a teenager too! 🙂
      Joking aside…thanks for the support and the feedback. I thought In A Clay Pot might grow on me–it just never did. It’s kind of now or never if I’m going to change it.

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