An Influential Pastor

The folks over at Near Emmaus are hosting a book giveaway. The prize? A copy of Eugene Peterson’s soon to be released memoirs.

I’m in.

To be considered, participants are asked to blog, comment, or email about a pastor who has been influential in their lives. For me, the choice is a no-brainer.

I know a man who has served in several pastoral positions (both paid and unpaid), but I’ve observed that even when he is not serving in any official capacity, he is a pastor or spiritual leader to somebody—usually several somebodies.

I have learned so much by watching him, listening to him, and picking his brain. These are a few of the most important things I have gleaned:

Ministry is serving. Period.

Christian leadership is leading by example—humbly living, loving, serving, learning, repenting, and growing in front of others so they can see how it’s done.

A willingness to be vulnerable is essential for effective ministry. Let the word teach, challenge, reprove, and encourage you…then share it with others.

Compromise is not an option. It is possible and vital to build and practice integrity of character and integrity in your handling of the Word of God. It can be hard, painful, and lonely sometimes…but God will be honored, people will be blessed, and your conscience will thank you later.

A relentless, passionate pursuit of God is always in order.

This man has been my pastor for the last 12 years—even though I’ve lived in many places and attended many churches in that time.

His name is Jesse Rodli. He is my husband.

It might seem juvenile, biased, or inappropriate for me to bring up my own husband. But I think it is remarkable that I can. I’ve seen better than anyone how he conducts his personal and family life. I know his character. I have a first hand understanding of how he thinks, works, loves, and serves. From that intimate perspective, he has won my trust, confidence, and admiration. He is an exemplary husband, father, friend, leader, and pastor. I and many others are so blessed to have benefited from his influence.

You are awesome, Honey! Keep up the good work.


9 thoughts on “An Influential Pastor”

    1. I would describe the arrangement as ‘cool’ myself!
      Jesse is stuck with me for sure…but he doesn’t complain. 🙂
      As for the Gravatar–what can I say? I get bored. Maybe when I’m famous and my Gravatar is iconic, I’ll have to think about settling into something. 🙂

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