Auto Pilot Conversations with God

This is one of those times when I hesitate to share what’ s on my mind for fear that the behavior is isolated to me. I imagine readers shaking their heads in amused bafflement at my odd confession. And yet, the idea that someone might be ridiculous in the same way that I am entices me to disclose these things to the world via blog…

I have caught myself petitioning God for my own success in a recreational game—as if he would intervene on my behalf to the detriment of my companions.

Worse yet,  I’ve been embarrassed to discover that I was fervently interceding for characters in a fictional movie—on more than one occasion. 

I try to tell myself this is a positive thing. It isn’t that I think God is interested in accommodating my competitiveness. Nothing in me expects him to meddle in a round of rummy or table tennis to tip the scales in my favor.   And I know it’s downright silly and pointless to pray for people and situations that don’t exist.  But doesn’t my knee-jerk response of prayer indicate that I have developed a habit of reaching out to God when there are needs?

On the other hand, how useful or meaningful is my oh-so-spiritual habit if this response is so automatic that I’m not really engaging God or even paying attention to what is is that I am asking for? Is he insulted? Amused? Maybe he’s the one shaking his head…

I take comfort in the fact that at least I recognize it fairly early on and stop. I guess laughing at myself now and again is a healthy habit too.



2 thoughts on “Auto Pilot Conversations with God”

  1. I know exactly what you mean! I have found myself doing the same thing; often in a particularly riveting episode of CSI. You know, sure God wants them to catch bad guys, right?
    Something that really helped me figure out what to do with myself was Matthew 6! I wonder how much of my habit was just that ‘vain babbling’ stuff.
    It’s so good to know I’m not alone!
    Thanks for the post!

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