Quick Update

Just a little update here. I have indeed dropped off the face of the earth, but I will be back. Packing/moving has not gone quite as smoothly as we would have hoped (I suppose that’s how it goes for most), but I am confident that we will eventually get settled. I may have a moment or two to share some stories or thoughts with you in the coming weeks, but if I am silent—be patient. I expect to be back in full force in a month or so. Say a prayer for me and my family during this transition if you think of us.

Thanks and God bless,                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      Crystal


7 thoughts on “Quick Update”

  1. If you need any help let me know :o) I am sure together with Friends/etc we can all help. I lift boxes with little effort. I have a small truck bed but it can fit a lot with straps :o)

    1. Thanks Ian (and company). I enjoyed reading the prayer, especially the end where all things are dedicated and committed to God.
      Things are going great at the church. There are always bumps along the path, but so far it seems too good to be true. There were some hiccups in the moving process, but we are all settled now.

      As it turns out, our move has been somewhat connected to your part of the world. We are able to rent a very comfortable three bedroom house because the owner (a mechanic/welder) is going to Angola for a year or so to help some missionaries there. His stay will include a few trips to South Africa as well. One of the young men who helped us move our belongings shared with me that he had been on a short term mission trip to South Africa a few months back. Funny.

      1. Interesting.
        In 1985 I stood on the pavement on Massachusetts Avenue watching the Anti-Apartheid protestors outside the South African Embassy, ashamed of what my country was doing. Hardly any South African’s anywhere–well not that would admit it….
        Now we’re everywhere and everyone wants to come here. What a dark place we have come from. Still a lot of work to do though!

        Glad you’re settling in.

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