Word Monger Monday: αποκαραδοκια (part 1)

UPDATE: The answer to the following challenge can now be found here.

Today’s word is a fun one—αποκαραδοκια (apokaradokia). It is only used twice in the New Testament, but it makes a great word picture. As usual, I’ll post later and tell you all I’ve learned about it.

In the meantime, does anyone know where it can be found, who used it, or what it means? Or any fun guesses?


2 thoughts on “Word Monger Monday: αποκαραδοκια (part 1)”

  1. No fair mom! You can’t use Greek on Word Monger Mondays!!

    However, I shall get it a shot.

    My guess is Apocalypse. And we all know what that means. 🙂

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