Word Monger Monday: This week’s Challenge

(You can find the results of this challenge here)

It’s my blog so I can…

I reserve the right to occasionally deviate from my usual content to explore language and words—often in the form of a game. I call it Word Monger Monday because Word Monger is the complimentary title my husband bestows upon me when he is impressed with my ‘skills.’

Today I want to look at words that have the root ject in them. The first challenge is to discover the meaning of this root. The second challenge is to list as many words as we can that belong to this word family. The final challenge is to determine how each of these words is related to the original root.

You can take on one, two, or all three of these challenges. If you really know, by all means, enlighten us. If you don’t know for sure, but think you might, take a stab at it. It is also perfectly OK (and even encouraged) to just make up something that sounds good and see if you can convince us.

I will use a different root word to provide you with an example. If you were to tackle all three challenges it could look something like this…

mit: (Latin) send

permit, emit, submit

permit: sent (mit)  through (per) the particular authority another

See, it’s easy!

I’ll post the the real scoop on ject words later today so we can find out if it’s even half as interesting as what we come up with.



5 thoughts on “Word Monger Monday: This week’s Challenge”

  1. ject: (Latin) throw or lie

    Note: ject as a root word is never used alone.

    abject, subject, project, reject, interject, conjecture, interjection

    abject: Thrown(ject) down(ab) as in cast down in spirit or thrown into depression.

    1. Bravo! Marla has discovered the meaning of the root ‘ject’ (throw), several related words, and the connection of one.

      That makes it easier for the rest of us.

      Can you think of some other words that belong here?

      What are the original meanings of some of our other ‘ject’ words?

      I’d like to guess about conjecture: ‘Con’ can mean ‘with’ and when something has ‘ure’ on the end, it is usually the result of an action. I think conjecture is an opinion that is expressed with the act of just throwing something out there.

  2. Word Monger is an awesome title, I like that.

    This inspires me to come up with names for my wife… lol.

    Not sure that I’ll participate in your word games, other than to follow along. I’m a bit burned out on school by the time I read your blog, and it doesn’t have much appeal during my free time 😛

    1. I would proceed with caution on the name calling thing…
      As far as the word games go, I’m pretty sure you are in the majority. I approach this with the knowledge that most people are not the same kind of nerd as me. Who looks up random etymology in their spare time, right?
      But, it gives me an excuse to learn something new once a week. 🙂

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