My Identity in Christ – Inspired by Percy Jackson

Last night my husband treated me to a little after-the-kids-are-in-bed date. He brought home some ice cream, a redbox movie, and an invitation to cuddle on the couch. Very nice.

The movie Percy Jackson & The Olympians: Lightning Thief was pretty cheesy, but fun. It is the story of a teenage boy who discovers he is the demi-god son of Poseidon. The show brought together two unlikely worlds—Greek mythology and junior high drama—along with a splash of over acting.  We frequently shook our heads in amused disgust, but we also laughed and genuinely enjoyed watching it together.

As I got ready for bed later, I was shocked to discover that the movie had actually provided me with a powerful illustration of what it means to be a believer. In one scene, Luke the son of Hermes (troubled teen with anger issues) appears to have defeated Percy Jackson. As a final blow, he tells Percy that he must not be the son of Poseidon after all.

This, of course, provokes our hero to draw on the authority and power inherent in his identity. He begins to utilize nearby water towers to create a giant swirling wave which nearly drowns angry young Luke. Then he fashions a trident out of the same water and hurls it at the antagonist, casting him into the harbor and neatly out of the way.

I promise, I’m not just straining to come up with an illustration for a devotional. I was really struck by this. It was when he recognized and trusted in his identity that he triumphed.

Through Christ, we have been adopted as sons and daughters of God (Gal 4.4-7).  We are co-heirs with Christ (Rom 8.17).  His Spirit dwells within us (1 Cor 3:16). When it comes to spiritual warfare, we have tremendous power and authority because of our identity as children of God.

Satan tried to tempt Jesus by calling into question His identity as the son of God (Mat 4.3, 6). If he tried it with Him, you can bet He tries it with us. If we doubt the power available to us through Christ, we are much less likely to be on the offensive against the powers of darkness. We are also much less likely to stand our ground when we are attacked.

Satan is no wimp. He is a powerful being. But our Father is stronger. I do not have to be afraid of Satan’s schemes or his demons.

How much more could God do through me if I really grasped what it means to be an heir in the family of God? I think I could be a real force to be reckoned with…

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