Luke 22: Do Peter and Job Have Something in Common?

I don’t mean to be on a devil kick, but I came across something interesting when I was looking at verses for my post on the unguarded mind.

A month or so ago I wrote a post about Job Chapter 1. I pointed out that when Satan challenged the validity of the relationship between God and man, God answered the challenge. He allowed Job to be tested in order to “prove” to Satan (and perhaps all or some of the other angels) that a person’s love for Him was not dependent upon material blessings and physical protection.

I don’t know why Satan is allowed to levy this kind of accusation or exactly what the motive is. It seems like he’s trying to make a mockery of God’s little “human project,” which is an outflow and expression of God’s own heart and character. That is an interesting thing to speculate about all on its own.

But the other day I noticed that Luke 22:31 could be describing a similar situation.

Luke 22:31 (NASB)
31 “Simon, Simon, behold, Satan has demanded permission to sift you like wheat;

I never thought much of this before. Of course Satan wants to mess with Peter…he always wants to mess with God’s people. I assumed this was permitted so that Peter could learn valuable lessons about trust, faith, mercy, forgiveness, and the power of God.


But it is entirely possible that the heavenly dialog concerning Peter was similar to the one about Job. Peter just happens to be the man God chose to be the leader of His new church (this is true no matter what one thinks the petra or rock is referring to in Matt. 16:18). Coincidence that he was being targeted?


Or maybe the validity of the redeemed church of God was being maligned, challenged, and mocked. Maybe Peter was the proof-test. Maybe, as in the case of Job, the lessons Peter learned were secondary to what was being demonstrated in the heavens—the power of the relationship between Christ and His bride!

I know the Bible doesn’t tell us…but do you think the connection is possible? Likely? The result of an overactive imagination? What do you think of the concept of this type of interaction between God and Satan as a whole? I’d love to hear your thoughts…


6 thoughts on “Luke 22: Do Peter and Job Have Something in Common?”

  1. satan always have a plan to take out the leader of the pack. Take out the leader, the rest of the folks will fall. Take out the best of the best, the less will not know what to do. Babylonians had the idea to take captive of the Jews who were educated and those who can lead.

    God give permission for satan to do what he do. God give a limitation on how far satan can go. With that in mind, it is scarey to know God let satan to do certain things, but God always have the best interest for us. It is thru battle and journey that we grow closer to God. Every runner have a journey to go thru. The interaction between God and satan helps us draw closer to God when we trust and have faith in God.

    1. Wilson – that is precisely the question I am trying to address. Is the purpose of testing always primarily about the person being tested? Or could it be that in some cases there is something else going on? In these cases, the growth of the individual and the strengthening of his or her relationship with God would be a secondary outcome, not the ultimate purpose.

  2. Whether primary or secondary a person who knows the Lord and trust Him will most likely draw closer to Him because they know God have His own plan. It is thru the journey that we can help others thru our experience.

    Peter was tested and later became one of apostle help build the faith.
    Job was tested and later help his friends to know who God really is
    David was tested and wrote Psalms

    I hope that answer your question from my view 🙂

  3. Thanks Wilson. I appreciate you sharing your thoughts. And you are right…perseverance through testing does always make us stronger in the faith and better equipped to encourage and build up others.

  4. Just started a Jesus Feast today! Scripture is John 2:1-11. Jesus made the water into wine. Wedding and no wine. Point – the best wine supposedly was “held” out for the end of the wedding party. Bride of Christ we are at the end of the wedding party and the best wine is reserved for us! Hallelujah!!! His Hoy Spirit is given without measure and we are in times that not only require His Holy Spirit but is generously provided for His people. No matter what is targeted for us He is greater in us than he who is in the world.

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