Gratitude, Apartments, and Contentment

Well, having let you in on the uncertainty of our situation, I feel I ought to provide an update now and again. Husband is still on the job search. We have tense, agitated days and low, heavy days, but most days we live like God has a plan and will take care of us.

A miraculous number of well qualified or over qualified resumes have been submitted, only to be answered with silence. Is it just the result of a flooded job market or is it God’s hand guiding us to a very specific assignment? —Don’t know.

Hubby is in an interview process right now—that possibility is very much up in the air. Still, we are so excited about having any direction on the horizon that we discuss it often. It would require a minor relocation, so we’ve even been looking at housing in the area.

Early on in this time of floundering (before we knew that’s what it would become), we said we were ready to go anywhere and do anything God wanted us to do. And it was true—we would have. But I had a pretty good list of what would be ideal and what would not. I did not want to live in an apartment. I did not want to be spending the next 15 years paying off school loans. I did not want my husband to have certain kinds of jobs that would inevitably involve a level of frustration. I am ninety-nine percent sure I would have resented or questioned a situation that involved some of the what-would-nots.

The list is gone.

We have observed that our hearts are much more prepared to gratefully accept direction when it comes.  We are more eager to embrace challenges associated with a new position or a change in lifestyle. We are more ready to be thankful for the provision of even a very modest income through work—some of those apartments are looking really nice. 🙂 And all of that means, we are ready to be content where God leads us.

There’s quite a strong tie between gratitude and contentment, isn’t there?


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