In Preparation for Plenty

I heard a true story the other day.

An average working man retired. Though he received a modest retirement income, he and his wife got by just fine. This man was still able to work and he had no desire to be idle. He went back to work for the same company—only this time he didn’t collect a paycheck. He arranged for all his earnings to be paid directly to his church.

It wouldn’t have to be a church. It could be a charitable organization, a missionary, a local ministry, or just a family in need. What a difference we could make in this world if we could just learn to be content with enough.

There is always more and better to be had. If our level of living goes up every time our income does, we will never have anything left to give to real needs. The man in the story must have really believed that his time and money belonged to God. I say that I do, but does my life reflect it?

I don’t presume to know how God has told anyone else to invest what they are given. Nice homes and cars, beautiful things, and fun toys can all be used to bless others, glorify God and further His kingdom. It’s all about the motive.

We don’t have much excess right now, so the responsibility of wise stewardship is fairly light. But what can I do to prepare my heart for times of plenty?

Here’s the start of my list:

1) Be intentional about learning to recognize and listen to God’s voice

2) Be truly thankful for what I do have

3) Practice holding things loosely

4) Be ready to think outside of the assumptions of the American lifestyle


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