Lighten up!

My first post–seems like it should be something profound or grabbing–I’m just too busy feeling guilty for writing instead of accomplishing. But I need to get used the idea that this is accomplishing something too. Through writing I come face to face with my thoughts and experiences. In the process of putting them into words, I am forced to sort through what they really mean about my world, my life, my heart. And it is my hope that my struggles and discoveries will encourage and inspire others along the way, or at least give them pause for thought.  Like most things, I take my writing a bit too seriously. I reflect, formulate, write, rewrite, and do it all again. Sometimes that means that I very effectively communicate the intended idea; sometimes it means I am slightly dishonest and invulnerable and spend way too much time on something of little significance. An example?  I carefully craft thank you notes–using all the space on the card to praise the commendable character traits of the recipient instead of simply writing, “Thank you for the nice vanilla candle. I love the smell and I use it all the time.” You will bear with me, won’t you?


7 thoughts on “Lighten up!”

  1. I have been amused, challenged, encouraged, humored, and fascinated by your written words for some years now. I look forward to more! Love you!

  2. Guten Tag, Crystal!

    I’m so GLAD to see you are embarking on the journey of Journaling your deepest thoughts! I look forward to reading what the Lord is doing in and through your life.

    So you know, I prefer a “wordy” thank you note, as apposed to “the food was good, thanx.” {grin}

    I’m right there with you, putting a lot of Passion into the things I say, do, write, and belive upon.

    God created us that way.
    Cherish that we are who we are.

    I look forward to hearing, reading!

  3. I’m really looking forward to your blog. I never thought of the idea of blogging your journal. Thanks for being open and sincere and truthful with us. May our Lord be glorified!

  4. Glad to see you doing this, and I won’t mind at all if you ever feel like getting wordy about my commendable traits!

  5. I feel as though you have reached inside of me, pulled something out, and let me look at it. I’ve been thinking lately that perhaps I’m getting old. I find myself going into the garden and looking at the leaves grow, sometimes for long periods of time, almost every day. I was thinking maybe I was just getting weird or old, but I guess your explanation of it is pretty accurate. I feel more sane now, and if I’m not, at least I’m not alone in it!

  6. Oh no! You mean to say that Great Grandfather Robert’s habit of watching the Sierra Mountains erode daily was just a genetic quirk? Now I’m really freaked. Seriously, your words did comfort me, especially using scripture to show that our heart is where are personal interests are – and we can elevate our interests to a higher or less self-centered place.
    P.S. So what if I stare at the sky waiting for it to fall!

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